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Multibeam echosounder, Maximum depth 550 m

EM 2040P, Portable

EM 2040P

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The EM 2040P is a shallow water multibeam echo sounder based on the KONGSBERG EM 2040 technology. It is highly portable, and has been designed for easy transport and quick deployment on any vessel, while offering survey performance up to and exceeding the IHO-S44 special order and the more stringent LINZ specification. As such, it is an ideal for any application, from high resolution mapping and inspection to shallow water surveys.

Multiple frequencies available

The operating frequency range for the EM 2040P is from 200 to 400 kHz. This allows a great deal of choice when selecting the best frequency for the application; 300 kHz for near bottom, 200 kHz for deeper waters, and 400 kHz for very high resolution inspection.

Highly portable and easy to install

The EM 2040P is highly portable; the sonar head measures 560 x 300 x 166 mm and weighs 19.5 kg.

Very high resolution data and range capability

Due to the large operating bandwidth available the system has an output sample rate of more than 60 kHz, as such the system operates effectively with very short pulse lengths. By utilising both CW and FM chirp pulses, the system can achieve a much longer range capability whilst maintaining high resolution. Due to a highly sophisticated beam-former, the system produces the cleanest real-time data of any multibeam available today; almost no data processing is necessary.

Optional dual swath capability

The EM 2040P can also be delivered with dual swath capability giving a sufficient sounding density along track at a high vessel speed. This allows faster, more efficient and cost reduced operations.

Features (standard)

EM 2040P transducer.
  • Very high resolution
  • Wide frequency range
  • Short pulse lengths and large bandwidth
  • FM chirp
  • Roll, pitch and yaw stabilisation
  • Nearfield focussing on both transmit and receive
  • Water column data
  • Seabed image
  • Depth rated to 30m
  • Easy to install

Features (optional)

  • Water column logging
  • Extra detections
  • Dual Swath

Realtime software

Echo sounder, multibeam, EM 2040C
No data cleaning during post-processing is required.

Kongsberg Maritime software

Third party software

Post processing software

Kongsberg Maritime software

  • SIS-QA

Third party software

Note: KONGSBERG is not responsible for any system malfunction caused by 3rd party software.

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