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Portable automatic identification system - AIS 200 P

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Compact, self-contained portable AIS Mobile Station

Automatic identification system AIS 200 P - portable mobile station
Automatic identification system AIS 200 P - portable mobile station

Kongsberg AIS 200 P is an "all-in-one" compact AIS mobile station with internal state of the art Lithium Ion batteries. This rugged waterproof AIS unit is designed for easy transportation and installation on board vehicles not carrying an AIS Mobile Unit. The AIS 200 P can be charged from either AC or DC power and has an internal battery for 10 hours of operation. The unit may optionally be delivered with wireless Presentation Interface (WLAN) to ensure easy installation and integration to electronic chart systems. In addition there are external PI, SENSOR and Minimum Keyboard and Display connections available. The unit is prefitted with GPS and VHF antennas. For maximum flexibility and extended performance external antennas may optionally be utlized.

Proven and wheel-marked

The Kongsberg AIS 200 P is based on the well proven wheel-marked Kongsberg AIS 200 mobile unit. All electronics are incorporated into a waterproof case with an easy-to-spot color.

Easy to deploy and operate

AIS 200 P is equipped with reflex bands and installation straps. The power switch and status light as well as external connectors are easy accessible in a protected recess. The operational LEDs are protected under the top cover of the unit together with a LAN connector. The light diode indicates VHF radio activity, GPS receiver status and battery charging status. A built-in fault detection system will indicate if maintenance is required.

Configuration and interfaces

The AIS 200 P can be configured by utilizing the optional external MKD or through the internal LAN/WLAN interface. The AIS 200 P can also be interfaced to the vessel’s ECS/ECDIS and the main navigation system and gyro through the LAN PI interface and the interface connectors. The unit is powered either by AC (1 or DC power. If no mains power is available the unit will be powered from the internal Lithium ion battery for approximately 10 hours. The batteries are automatically charged (3 if external power is connected..

(1 An external AC/DC converter must be utilized
(3 Operating the unit whilst charging, when the outer temperature is too high, might raise the inner temperature above the battery temperature limitations. In this case the charging will be automatically stopped by the battery charging electronics.

Standard features

  • IP 67 - The antenna connectors have to be sealed with Self-bonding tape in order to achieve full IP67 protection. IP 66 if not.
  • Floatable
  • Smooth and rounded corner design with carry grip
  • Orange coloured casing with reflexes and installation straps
  • DC or AC (1) power input
  • Up to 10 hour battery operation
  • Configuration and setup from LAN interface
  • Externally accessible power switch
  • Internal status light diode
  • Battery status indication (charging- and operation time remaining)
  • Prefitted GPS antenna and connector for whip VHF antenna on unit
  • Possible to utilize external VHF and GPS antenna for maximum performance
  • External sensor interface

Optional features

  • WLAN
  • Minimum Keyboard and Display (MKD)
  • External VHF Antenna
  • External GPS Antenna

AIS 200 P Main Module

  • Operating temperature: -15 to +55oC
  • Storage temperature: -15 to +40oC
  • Humidity: 100% (sealed)
  • Protection: IP 67 (2)


  • AIS 200 P main unit: 9 kg (excl. antennas and cables)


  • AIS 200 P main unit: (HxWxD) 175 x 527 x 348 mm


Data input

  • Sensor RS-422 electrically (isolated), IEC61993-2

Data output

  • PI interface RS-422 electrically (isolated), IEC61993-2
  • PI LAN/WLAN 10BaseT, IEC61993-2
  • MKD Seatex proprietary format
  • MON RS232 (unisolated), Seatex proprietary format

Radio module

  • VHF transmitter: 12.5 W/ 2W
  • Receiver sensitivity: -107 dBm
  • Modulation: GMSK
  • Bandwidth: 12.5kHz or 25 kHz
  • Frequencies: 156.025 MHz - 162.025 MHz
    Default CH87B (161.975 MHz)
    Default CH88B (162.025 MHz)
    CH70 (156,525 MHz)

GPS module (internal receiver)

  • 12 Channel GPS receiver (all in view)
  • Real Time Position Accuracy 2 (Selective, Availability off):
  • Position: 2.5 m CEP
  • Position DGPS / SBAS: 2.0 m CEP
  • Output rate: 1 Hz

Battery power

  • Capacity: 12 Ah
  • Standard battery Typically 10 hours at 20oC when fully charged

External power

  • Input voltage: 10-30 VDC / 100-240 VAC 50-60 Hz 3
  • Power consumption: 20 W (nominal)
  • 75 W (peak)


  • Product safety low voltage: IEC 60945/EN60950
  • Electromagnetic compatibility
  • immunity / radiation: IEC 60945/EN60945
  • Vibration: IEC 60945/EN60945
  • AIS: IEC 61993-2 / ITU RM 1371

Reliability data

  • MTBF (h): 30 000 h (30oC)


  • Minimum Keyboard and Display (MKD)
  • Weight: 0.4 kg
  • Dimensions (HxWxD) 109x217x50 mm
  • Environmental protection: IP56 (when panel-mounted)
  • Temperature range:
  • Operating: –15 to +55°C
  • Storage: –25 to +70°C
  • Humidity - operating: 0-95% RH non-condensing

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