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Movable Deck Extender


MODEX™ - Moveable Deck Extender, is a moveable cargo deck designed to be installed above the ship's cargo rail. The deck gives the ship an additional deck area of approx. 235 m2 – 275 m2, depending on whether or not it is fitted with a MOB - Man Over Board boat garage. For a typical supply vessel this represents valuable additional load capacity of around 20 – 30%, without affecting the size of the vessel.

Solves logistics challenges

A supply vessel with MODEX™ can sail longer routes and serve more installations on the same trip. MODEX™ can increase the service to customers because the probability of serious shortages and loss of production value at installations is reduced. The economic benefits of added deck space include lower costs and fuel consumption per shipped unit than with corresponding vessels without MODEX™.

Major eco-benefit

MODEX™ provides an important environmental benefit because it makes the ships more efficient cargo carriers. In a time of ship and crew shortages and high operating costs, using vessels with higher utility value, benefits the environment, the shipowner and the end customer.

New placement of fast rescue craft

MODEX™ gives a more favourable placement of FRC - Fast Rescue Craft. MODEX™ enables the placement of FRCs near the ship's centre of buoyancy, providing for gentler handling when bringing aboard injured personnel in bad weather and safer FRC operations in general. By moving the MODEX™ to the forward position, patients can be brought straight to safety.

Technical spesifications

The MODEX™ system consists of a movable deck placed on a rail arrangement with the aid of bogies. The movable deck can be locked into three predefined positions and is mechanically locked when the ship is underway. MODEX™ can also be retrofitted on existing ships with moderate modifications.

  • Width - length: 17,50 m x 17,00 m
  • Height above main deck (min / max): 4,10 m / 9,90 m
  • Net weight: 65,000 kg
  • Total area / Cargo area: 275 m2 / 235 m2
  • MOB boat garage: 40 m2 (3,90 m x 10,50 m)
  • Max payload: 120,000 kg
  • Max point load: 1,500 kg/m2
  • Speed: 0 - 0,3 m/s