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Oil and Gas applications for Subsea environmental monitoring

We provide integrated monitoring solutions for the lifetime of an oil field that include topside solutions for data visualisation and logging.

Pre installation survey/baseline studies

Our systems are used to document marine life and natural oil and gas leakage. These studies may also include KONGSBERG sub bottom profilers for detection of gas pockets in sediments below the seabed.

Construction & installation

In addition to construction and installation, our solutions support the seismic phase, where we monitor certain parameters to document levels of environmental impact. Examples include construction noise monitoring for assessment of impact on marine mammals.


For the drilling we have solutions including integrated landers and single sensor nodes, with a wide range of sensors, for monitoring of the impact of drill cuttings on marine life such as corals, calcareous algaes, in addition to other marine life. Our Simrad echo sounders are essential here.


When the oil field enters the production phase, we provide solutions for monitoring a wide range of parameters including subsea oil and gas leakage detection, where KONGSBERG echo sounders and sonars are well suited for detecting subsea oil and gas leakage.

This, in combination with our solutions for monitoring of wellhead pressure and temperature, enables customers to keep a real time view of any impact and indications of risk; key elements to maintain safety and provide the basis for fast response to any incident.


For decommissioning, we deliver a instruments for monitoring across the entire spectrum, including for example, our subsea cameras for inspection using AUV or ROV.

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