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Planned maintenance system

K-Fleet Maintenance

K-Fleet Maintenance

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Total maintenance control. Your vessel's maintenance jobs have never been easier to manage.

A system for managing planned maintenance, including digital report forms.

Easy to use

The Maintenance application is designed as a tool for managing planned maintenance in both centralized and decentralized organizations. This includes signing of job status with simplified management of checkpoints and related jobs.

Approved for mandatory Class reporting:

  • Class Component Report
  • Class Job report
  • Overdue Class Job Report
  • Corrective Class History Report

Great flexibility

Maintenance is part of the K-Fleet software system. The modular approach ensures that system solutions can be tailored to the requirements of each particular vessel type. A user friendly interface make it quick and easy to use for the operator.

Sales, installation, commissioning and service support is provided by KONGSBERG's worldwide network.

Key features

  • Manage maintenance plan and periodic inspections from vessel or office level
  • Easy updating equipment counters running hours (possibility of integration with the ship’s automation consoles)
  • Easy access to the history of the work done by defining search filters
  • Preview the statistics of the work done. Percentage charts work overdue
  • Printing-defined report across all topics related work
  • A complete tool for keeping control of the vessel’s maintenance, both planned and unplanned
  • Database modifications may be carried out in the main office and on the vessel with database synchronization across locations, using a database harmonization wizard
  • All changes recorded in the change log
  • Calendar and hour counter intervals (specifying day, month, year, counter)
  • Graphical timeline view of previous, current and future maintenance plans
  • Maintenance plan, with both short and long term options
  • Class survey, providing control of class jobs and certificates
  • Equipment work history
  • Reporting and filtering to give an overview of critical equipment and jobs
  • Visible presentation of overdue jobs
  • Multiple checkpoint options (checkbox, value, free text) to allow complete tracking of maintenance jobs and sub-task registration. Converting existing jobs to bundled checkpoint level reduce the number of jobs in the database
  • Simplified signing process of related jobs with applicable checkpoints
  • Position tracking and status records for circulating components
  • Strong search and sort capabilities
  • Filtering, with individual definition of filters and key performance indicators, integrated with software dashboard
  • Filtering and reporting with the option of exporting to different formats (pdf, rtf, xls, xml, ods, tif etc.)
  • OCIMF's required Tanker Management and Self Assessment (TMSA) statistics on overdue jobs
  • Postpone Reason tracking, providing ability for Route Cause Analysis
  • Condition code reporting for Continuous Improvement Analysis


  • Class approved
  • Updated overviews on-board vessel and on-shore
  • Easy workload distribution
  • Integrated with K-Fleet Purchase
  • Powerful reporting

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