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AutoChief 600 - Digital governor system

AutoChief actuator
Our actuators are compact / light weight units performing high resolution and high dynamic rotational positioning.

Stand alone and fully integrated

The digital governor system is a stand alone and fully integrated part of the AutoChief® 600 propulsion control system. All control logic is mounted directly on the main engine. Cables between the actuator and digital governor unit are pre-fitted with easy connect plugs for easy waterproof installation. Control and monitoring is done through any AutoChief® 600 control panel or through the K-Chief 600 remote operator stations.

Digital governor system benefits

  • Speed order inputs from all control positions
  • Automatic fuel limiter functions according to main engine builders specifications (scavenge air, torque limiter etc.)
  • Manual fuel and RPM limiter adjustable from the control panel (chief limiter)
  • Redundant speed measuring system using inductive speed pick-up's
  • Limits can be cancelled from each control position
  • Automatic tuning of the actuator
  • Self check functions