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K-Safe, Safety Management System

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Combines information from multiple sources

The Safety Management (SSM) system is an advanced supplement to K-Safe systems. It combines information from multiple sources with decision support and lifeguard actions. The Safety Management system is designed for crisis management on cruise ships and other complex installations, but is highly effective in other applications as well. The primary function is to detect and give the operator a "full picture" of the hazardous situation. A homogenous user interface is provided for all relevant subsystems and the system displays information about location of firewalls and passive fire protection equipment, escape routes, ventilation status, etc.

Customer benefits

  • Identify the location and nature of a hazard
  • Monitor any escalation of the situation
  • Identify the location and status of fire extinguishing systems in the area
  • Identify escape routes from the area
  • Display the relevant emergency procedures and decision support in accordance with pre-programmed strategies
  • Activate safety devices independently or as determined by the decision support system
  • Verify the response to any automatically or manually initiated safety actions
  • Monitor safety-related information
  • Print safety reports for incidents, routine checks and drills
  • Present HVAC service areas and status
  • Interface other systems relevant for safety management

Screen dumps from the K-Safe Safety Management System

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