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IHO S-44 Compliant data collection systems

Performance requirements

The International Hydrographic Organization has issued a set of performance requirements for hydrographic surveying, the so-called S-44 edition 4. It is a quite complex task for users to configure and qualify a survey system against these sets of rules. It is also a considerable and expensive task to evaluate the performance of a survey system and to establish the operational limitations of the system.

We offer tested survey packages

To solve these problems we offer different complete survey system packages, for which the performance relative to the S-44 regulations have been analysed and tested. For the user, this means a considerable cost- and risk reduction. The concept was presented to the IHB in Monaco during Industry Days in June 2002.

Components of a seabed mapping solution

The components of a seabed mapping solution

The components of a seabed mapping solution is illustrated above. Precise vessel position, heading, attitude (roll, pitch, heave), and the sound velocity profile for the water column are fed to a multibeam echo sounder, which is the primary mapping instrument. The digital data which is produced by the multibeam echo sounder needs verification, elimination of spurious noise and tidal corrections before being approved by the hydrographer and made available for cartographic processing to paper products and/or electronic chart products. A single beam echo sounder is an option.

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