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Single beam echo sounder, From 0.2m to 3000 m


EA440 Single beam echo sounder

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The new generation wide band hydrographic Echo Sounder

The EA440 is a new hydrographic multi frequency echo sounder with wide band technology. The EA440 has been developed for use in shallow to medium depth waters. A variety of highly efficient transducers are available to suit all of your operational needs, from extreme shallow (0.2m) down to 3000 m water depths.

The system supports both portable and hull-mounted side scan, and sub-bottom light for shallow waters. The operating software is in accordance with the new KONGSBERG standard MMI and it has an easy and intuitive user interface with extensive display capabilities.

Multiple frequencies available

Up to eight high-power transceiver channels can be operated simultaneously from the EA440. For improved performance the transceivers are installed close to the transducers and linked to the combined display and processor via a single Ethernet cable. The available frequencies range from 10 to 500 kHz.

Easy operation

The EA440 echo sounder utilises the Microsoft Windows® 7 operating system, providing users with maximum flexibility and ease of operation. It can be operated by mouse, track ball or via user-defined shortcuts.

High resolution sidescan function

The EA440 has a sidescan function that is ideal for object detection, morphology of the sea bed, dredging control and obstacle and wreck detection.

Objects in the side-scan view can be marked by a mouse click and the position information will be stored. This data can then be exported real time to external software if connected to a GPS positioning and heading device.

With an extra zoom function interesting targets or objects can be scaled up for detailed inspection. The zoom area is freely adjustable and the window can be positioned as an overlay on any part of the side-scan echogram.

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