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Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, MUNIN


Munin AUV

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The MUNIN AUV / autonomous marine robot brings together the commercial success of the HUGIN with the reliable modularity of the REMUS 600 vehicles in a single platform. MUNIN retains mission flexibility by having different payload sensor modules along with the capability of running SSS, MBE, SBP and camera together.

High performance in a small platform

Munin AUV

Designed to retain a high level of performance in a small platform, MUNIN has a comprehensive navigation and positioning capability that can tie the data to a meaningful georeferenced solution. The capability is further enhanced by the autonomous pipe tracking software, making survey and inspection work easy for operators.

No calibration required

After transport the vehicle is assembled and mobilisation time is minimised by the configuration of the navigation and acoustic sensors. The IMU, DVL, MBE and SSS are located in the same module that is calibrated at the factory. This removes the need for calibration measurement during re-assembly and guarantees consistent data quality and position accuracy.

Vehicle status, location and real time data are transmitted to the operator during supervised missions via the cNODE transponder and surface HiPAP USBL system. This makes provides a level of quality control and mission confidence unique in the low logistics AUV world.

Key features

  • 600 / 1500 meter operating depth
  • Up to 24 hours mission duration
  • Low logistics modular vehicle capable of IHO grade surveys
  • Commercial market configured with SSS, MBE, SBP & camera
  • Same operator interface as HUGIN
  • Fly-away capability while retaining data and positioning quality found in larger AUVs
  • Modular construction for maximum productivity, data quality and flexibility
  • Swappable batteries with 24 hours endurance and all sensors running
  • Navigation with multibeam echosounder and sidescan sonar
  • Modular transport cases can be deployed from small ships
  • LARS options include a Mini-Stinger ramp and an attachment for knuckleboom cranes

Offshore (oil & gas)

  • Baseline environmental assessment
  • Geophysical survey
  • Pipeline survey
  • Debris / clearance survey

Environmental monitoring

  • Emergency response
  • Ecosystem assessment


  • Route survey
  • Pre / post dredging survey

Search & recovery

  • Asset location

Technical specification

Munin sections

  • A - Nose section with FLS and CT sensor
  • B - Replaceable battery section
  • C - Navigation and payload section
  • D - Control and battery section
  • E - Tail section with cNode and transducers
Munin with sections outlined

Weight and dimensions

  • Overall length 300-400 cm depending on configuration
  • Vehicle outer diameter 34 cm
  • Weight in air: < 300 kg

Maximum operating depth

  • 1500 m standard (600 m version optional)

Vehicle speed

  • Up to 4.5 knots


  • Internal 5 kWh standard
  • Exchangeable 5 kWh lithium ion battery modules


  • 12-24 hours


  • Kongsberg NavP aided inertial navigation system (AINS) with Honeywell HG9900 inertial measurement unit (IMU)
  • Advanced new rigid design integrating IMU, DVL, MBE and SSS in a single mechanical housing, calibration free after transport or re-mobilization (factory calibrated)
  • IHO compliant
  • Acoustic positioning using cNODE and HiPAP (option)
  • Novatel L 1/L2 GPS
  • Forward looking sonar with advanced terrain following and collision avoidance
  • Broadband 300 kHz doppler velocity log
  • Paroscientific Digiquartz depth sensor
  • Terrain referenced navigation (option)
  • Underwater transponder positioning (UTP)


  • cNODE acoustic command and data link
  • Wi-Fi
  • Iridium

Available payload sensors

  • HISAS 2040 interferometric synthetic aperture sonar
  • Tailored version of EM 2040® multibeam echo sounder, 200 - 400 kHz 1°x1° beam width, swath 120°
  • Edge Tech dual frequency side scan sonar
  • Edge Tech sub-bottom profiler 4 - 24 kHz (option)
  • NBOS conductivity and temperature (CT) sensor
  • Still image camera (option)


  • HUGIN® operator system (HOS)
  • Pipeline inspection (option)
  • NavLab navigation post-processing (option)
  • Reflection post-mission analysis (option)

Topside equipment

  • Operator and payload computer
  • Post-mission analysis computer
  • Vehicle battery charger
  • Maintenance cart
  • Modular shipping cases
  • GPS I heading sensor (option)
  • HiPAP acoustic positioning and communications (option)

Launch and recovery system

  • Mini stinger (ramp) solution
  • Crane mounted electric or hydraulic lifting saddle
  • MUNIN® adapter for existing HUGIN® stingers.

Munin video presentation

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