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Crude oil interface level measurement system

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Our Crude oil interface Level Measurement - CLM system is capable of detecting the different interface levels in storage tanks using standard echo sounder technology and improved calculation methods. The system is used in subsea oil storage tanks, storage tanks on board tankers, onshore oil, diesel, water tanks etc. It is currently operational on several platforms in the North Sea - both concrete and steel tanks.

Crude oil interface Level Measurement system

The illustration shows the principle of open storage, and shows one storage tank and a buffer cell. Crude oil filled into the top of the tank floats on the top of a water pillow. When crude oil is filled into the tank, water is displaced out of the tank via the buffer cell and into the sea. When crude oil is drained off from the top of the tank, sea water replaces the volume of crude oil that is removed.

The Crude oil interface Level Measurement system uses acoustics to detect the position of the different interface levels in each of the independent storage tanks. Based on these measurements, the system calculates the volume of crude oil and emulsion in the tank. The operator may also visually detect the presence of gas build-up in the top of a tank. Only acoustic transducers which contains no active components are placed subsea in the storage tanks. The transducers are connected with cables to Transceiver and Multiplexer Units located in an instrument room. An Operator Unit located in the platform control room or in an instrument room communicates with the Transceiver and Multiplexer Units via an Ethernet line.

System design

A high performance echo sounder system is used to measure the position of the crude oil and emulsion interface levels. Information about interface levels in each tank is available as telegrams on a serial line to an external data acquisition system (DCS). The crude oil and emulsion information is presented as a percentage of the total volume in each of the tanks.

System units

The crude oil interface level measurement system consist of the following system units:

  • Operator Unit
  • Printer
  • Transceiver Unit
  • Multiplexer Unit
  • Transducers

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