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Underwater Vehicles Instrumentation, Scanning and Multibeam Sonar

Underwater vehicle instrumentation

650m mini sonar head mounted on SeaBotix ROV. Images courtesy of SeaBotix Inc.

The ROV Sonar transducer

The M3 multibeam sonar transducer.

1171 Imaging sonar Head 4000 metre.

The underwater vehicle industry (UVI) has grown steadily since the 1980s, when Mesotech introduced their original 971 Scanning Sonar which quickly became an industry staple. For a variety of reasons, the use of remotely operated vehicles (ROV's) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV's) is preferred for many subsea applications. Kongsberg Mesotech continues to supply the industry with superior products including scanning sonar, multibeam sonar and altimeters.

Imaging and profiling sonar are both used on underwater vehicles. Imaging sonar is used for visual interpretation and uses a fan-shaped acoustic beam to scan a specified area or target. Profiling sonar is primarily used for quantitative measurements where a narrow, conically shaped beam generates a single point for each ping.

Single-beam scanning sonar

  • Two versions of single-beam sonar heads: high-resolution and domed
  • Range of products available with depth ratings from 650 to 11,000 metres
  • Variety of frequencies and feature configurations available
  • Reliable and low maintenance systems
  • Requires MS1000 software to operate sonar and process data

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M3 multibeam sonar

  • Combines the high refresh rate of a conventional multibeam sonar with image quality comparable to a single-beam sonar
  • True zoom windows that enable target evaluation while continuing to operate ROV
  • Close range viewing capability and long-range obstacle avoidance capability
  • Real-time imaging
  • Two versions: 500m depth rating and 4000m depth rating
  • Requires M3 software to operate equipment and process data

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  • Primarily used on underwater vehicles to determine height above the seabed
  • Designed for deep ocean applications with some models rated to 11,000 meters
  • Range of models and frequencies available to suit different specifications
  • Designed to operate in stand-alone mode or connected to the MS1000 processing software

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UVI platforms

  • Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
  • Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicles (DSRV)

Industry applications

  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Target detection / identification
  • Navigation / Positioning
  • Searching and surveying
  • Underwater inspection (e.g. pipeline survey)

Training and Support

Technical Training

Training is provided on site for up to 24 people (larger groups can be accommodated upon request). Refresher courses are also available.

Repair and Upgrade Services

Equipment repairs are available at Kongsberg Mesotech's manufacturing facility and strategically located affiliates. Upgrades and major rebuilds are completed at the manufacturing facility.

  • Manufacturing Facility
    Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Affiliate Locations
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Please call toll-free 1.888.464.1598 or email km.sales.vancouver@kongsberg.com for more information.

MS1000 Software Updates

MS1000 software updates are downloaded directly from the Kongsberg FTP site at ftp.kongsberg-mesotech.com. Please call +1 888 464 1598 or email km.sales.vancouver@kongsberg.com for download instructions.

Phone Support

Please call toll-free: +1 888 464 1598 for support, Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm PST.

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