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GeoSwath Plus portable survey package

GeoSwath Plus portable survey package

A turnkey solution: System - Installation - Training

GeoSwath Plus Compact offers efficient simultaneous swath bathymetry and side scan seabed mapping in shallow water environments. The system is now available in a survey package that includes peripheral sensors, installation support and on-site training. It is aimed at customers that are looking for a turnkey solution from the market leader at an attractive price.

System Components

The components have been integrated into a rugged and portable system that delivers efficiently high resolution survey data in shallow water environments. The package includes installation support and on-site training from a certified engineer.

Multibeam Sonar

The GeoSwath Plus Compact comprises a dual transducer head and a splash protected deck unit containing the complete sonar electronics, which is interfaced via an Ethernet connection to the control laptop PC running GeoSwath Plus survey software. The 500 kHz portable system fits onto small vessels of opportunity, including RIBs, and operates in water depth of 0 m to 50 m. It acquires simultaneously swath bathymetry and side scan data. Bathymetry data coverage is up to 12 times water depth, providing unsurpassed survey efficiency.

Motion Reference Unit MRU

The unit compensates for vessel motion in real time and is tightly integrated with the sonar head. This guarantees easy system installation, portability and fast calibration.

Sound Velocity Sensor

A sound velocity sensor is supplied for continuously measuring and compensating for sound velocity changes close to the transducers in real time and providing measurements of the sound velocity profile through the water column.

Positioning and Heading Sensor

The sensor is ideally installed above the sonar head to assure portability and minimise offsets for easy calibration. It is set-up to receive corrections for differential GPS accuracies.