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Equipment / products / systems for Container ships

KONGSBERG's integrated container concept delivers what you need to manage your vessels more efficiently. The solution is fully integrated and spans bridge, propulsion, navigation, planning, reporting and maintenance systems. This, plus real time monitoring and management of parts, energy, power and propulsion, secures long-term operational and overall fleet management performance.

Main benefits

Increased efficiency – dual fuel and hybrid propulsion solutions combined with trim optimisation reduce environmental footprints and fuel costs.

Reduced cost – proof-enabled vessel optimisation reduces running costs, while smart condition monitoring and maintenance tools eliminate downtime through optimal task management.

Enhanced fleet management – greater insights over entire vessel operation are achieved by uniting multiple systems on a single platform. This enables better real-time and long-term decision making – both at sea and on shore.

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Bridge systems

Condition monitoring solutions

Engine room and automation systems

Engines, engine room and automation systems

Information and safety systems

Onshore systems


Sensors and Transmitters

Tank gauging and measurements