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REMUS 100 Frequently Asked Questions


What does the acronym REMUS stand for?

REMUS - Remote Environmental Measuring UnitS


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What type of data is collected and displayed on mission playback?

  • ADCP
  • Side Scan Sonar Images
  • Heading, Pitch and Roll
  • Mission Progress
  • Conductivity and Temperature
  • Bathymetry
  • Sound Speed
  • System Status
  • Navigation data including: Long baseline (LBL), Ultra Short baseline (USBL), and Dead reckoning accuracies.

All data can be viewed in a variety of graphical structures through our REMUS Vehicle Interface Program (VIP) and is also available in its raw text format for exportation and further processing.


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What is the REMUS Vehicle Interface Program (VIP)?

The REMUS VIP is an intuitive graphical interface that allows anyone to become an AUV operator with just a few hours of training. It allows the user to view the vehicle's status, program missions and download the data - all from one easy to use program.


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How long does it take to run a typical mission?

With the versatility that REMUS offers, there is no defined "typical" mission. As an example, to run a mission that is 1 km at high speed, 3M altitude, 30 meter side scan range, 150% side scan coverage would take < 3 hours. By varying a large number of user definable parameters, mission time can be reduced or extended.


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What type of support equipment is needed?

REMUS is supplied as a complete "turn key" system. The REMUS vehicle and supporting components are shipped in sturdy hardened plastic cases. Within these cases you'll find everything required, including acoustic navigation sources, floats and weights, vehicle tracking unit, ruggedized laptop and spare parts kit and cables.


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What equipment is needed for deployment of REMUS?

Due to REMUS' compact size and light-weight - From 37 kg (< 80 lbs), 2 people can easily deploy and recover the small AUV from a small boat with no additional equipment required.


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Can I simultaneously deploy and track multiple REMUS vehicles?

Yes, you can deploy and track up to (4) REMUS vehicles simultaneously.