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Flexview Multibeam Sonar

Flexview mounted on an Outland Tech ROV.

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The Flexview, Kongsberg Mesotech's latest advancement in multibeam sonar technology, is designed specifically for small observation class ROVs where compact size and light weight are key selection criteria.

Flexview sonar transducer.

Delivering superior image quality and coverage, the Flexview sonar provides high quality distortion-free images at a range of up to 200m over a 140° sector, reducing the time it takes to search for and locate targets.

The Flexview's removable transducer is the first of its kind, offering field replacement of a damaged transducer in the unlikely event of a catastrophic impact. It also allows for potential new transducer configurations to be exchanged in the future, depending on the job being performed.

Mosaic image
Mosaic image merged from 7 passes.
  • Ideally suited for small observation class ROVs
  • Distortion-free images at a high update rate
  • 200m coverage over a 140˚sector, reducing the time it takes to search for and locate targets
  • Removable transducer for rapid field replacement
  • User-friendly interface
  • Low-profile wet mateable connector
  • Marine engineering
  • Site inspection
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Site Clearance
  • Search and recovery
  • Underwater science

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Kongsberg Mesotech’s Flexview Sonar on a Seabotix LBV.

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