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Marine switchboards

Kongsberg marine switchboard
KONGSBERG marine switchboards are adaptable for all types of merchant ships or offshore related engineering.

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We design and build marine switchboards, providing complete electrical engineering designs and offer customer specific solutions. Our marine switchboards are delivered as fully tailored solutions put together by standardised units and functions, carefully assembled, inspected and tested to ensure customer satisfaction.

Types and application

KONGSBERG Marine Switchboards are widely adaptable for all types of merchant marine and offshore related vessels, qualified to apply for approval by all major classification societies worldwide. Our low voltage marine switchboards include Main Switchboards, Emergency Switchboards, and Motor Control Centres.

Key features

Switchboard operation

Our marine switchboards are delivered as fully tailored solutions.
  • Type tested according to IEC 60439-1, short-circuit current withstanding strength is up to 150 kA, peak 330 kA. Working voltage up to 690 V.
  • Modular design for mechanic frames fully processed by numerical control machines for quick and normative assembly. A minimum of welding and a screw assembly improves accuracy from earlier versions.
  • The generators and their main breakers are each protected by the stand-alone yet fully integrated KONGSBERG C3-GP protection unit. The C3 unit integrates with the embedded power management system in the switchboard.
  • The embedded Power Management System’s full integration to KONGSBERG automation systems K-Chief 600 or K-Chief 700 allows a more user-friendly control & monitoring from the operating station(s).
  • The main electrical components are of the latest type and configuration. We use internationally recognised name brands, which ensures stable quality and simple maintenance during the lifetime of the vessel.


Switchboard cabinet

Typical switchboard cabinet with rare covers removed.
  • Power & Lighting Distribution Boards
  • Individual & Group Starters
  • Battery Charging & Discharging Panels
  • Electrical Testing Panel
  • Shore Connection Box
  • Miscellaneous customised control cabinets


We provide marine transformers with working voltage up to 11 kV 50/60 Hz, capacity up to 10,000 kVA, insulation level: B, F or H.

  • Self-cooling dry type transformers
  • Epoxy resin cast type transformers

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