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SIMOPS - Simultaneous Operations system

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 Simultaneous Operations scenario

Our SIMOPS system is designed to enhance the safety and efficiency for complex Marine Operations involving offshore oil and gas platforms and vessels or for multi vessel seismic surveys. SIMOPS is a great tool and aid in planning, monitoring and managing these complex operations. An integral, highly reliable wireless broadband network enables exchange of live HD video and provides critical information between the different vessels.

SIMOPS gives a clear and consistent operational overview on-board the vessels involved and also integrates with AIS (Automatic Identification System) to include third party vessels in the operational overview. SIMOPS exchanges data between the participating vessels. As an example – a stabilized camera on a work boat can provide live pictures on-board the mother vessel by utilizing the SIMOPS integral wireless 'highway'.

Further, the optimised user interface and display areas have overlays that in addition to navigation charts, objects and vessels can display updated ice charts and specialised information such as seabed maps relevant to the survey area.

The data is managed through a SIMOPS interface on-board the master vessel and any other participating SIMOPS enabled vessel will instantly share the same information. SIMOPS also has provision for the information to be monitored at other locations for instance at shore.

SIMOPS Management Tool Specifications

  • Consistent real time visualization onboard SIMOPS vessels
  • Real-time distribution of operational data
    • Safety zone
    • Responsibility area
    • Standby area
    • Escape sectors
    • No go zones
    • Safest mode of operation
  • Robust and reliable communication
  • Steel-to-steel distance accuracy < 1m
  • Automatic allocation of proximity zones
  • Internet based remote access
  • Reliable information across vessels to support decision-making
  • Organize information for effective execution of the SIMOPS

SIMOPS Management Tool

  • Real time visual information for decision support
  • Enhance safety and manages close proximity marine vessels SIMOPS
  • Optimizes information for effective execution of SIMOPS
  • Internet based remote access - enabling

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