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Portable Shallow Water Multibeam & Side Scan

GeoSwath 4R

Geoswath 4R

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GeoSwath 4R is the ruggedised version of the industry's most efficient simultaneous shallow water swath bathymetry and side scan mapping system. Bathymetry data accuracies have been shown to exceed the IHO Standards for Hydrographic Surveys, while obtaining seafloor coverage of up to 12 times water depth with a data swath from nadir all the way up to the waterline.

The side scan data can be calibrated for repeatable results to provide seabed classification and monitoring. The new hardware provides twice the data density and increased nadir performance of its predecessors and the new rugged portable design makes it an ideal solution for vessels of opportunity. The splash protected deck unit is designed to be deployed on RIBs, jet-skis and other open topped vessels. The specifically developed new GS4 acquisition and processing software included with the system delivers automatically cleaned data in real time and hosts many new features to speed up the survey process.


Typical applications for the GeoSwath 4R:

  • Wide angle mapping of inland waterways & canals, shipping channels & approaches
  • Port and harbour surveys
  • Pipeline surveys
  • Detection and mapping of debris and other underwater objects
  • Dredging surveys
  • Environmental seabed and habitat mapping
  • Small lakes and pond surveys
  • Highly accurate mapping of extremely shallow lakes and ponds

Realtime software

Kongsberg Maritime software

  • GS4

Third party software

  • QPS "QINSy"
  • HYPACK Inc.

Post processing software

Kongsberg Maritime software

  • GS4
  • GeoTexture

Third party software

  • CARIS HIPS/SIPS post processing
  • Fledermaus interactive 3D visualisation

Note: KONGSBERG is not responsible for any system malfunction caused by 3rd party software.

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