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Dynamic Positioning system, Compact


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cPos compact dynamic positioning - DP system operator station for the workboat sector

Scalable and cost effective

Our Compact DP system - cPos offers a scalable, cost effective, but no-less valuable solution for smaller vessels and operations.

A user friendly dynamic positioning system

cWing remote joystick terminal
cWing remote joystick terminal.

The Operator Station provides vessel control via joystick, DP or autopilot. It is ergonomically designed for simple control, and features a 17" colour TFT display, 3-axis joystick and quick access buttons for intuitive operation. The cJoy wing terminal can be interfaced with the operator station and mounted outdoors as a cost-effective tool for joystick manoeuvring at the bridge wings.

Operational modes

  • Joystick mode: Allows the operator to control the vessel manually using a joystick for position and heading control
  • Auto Heading mode: Automatically maintains the required heading
  • Auto Position mode: Automatically maintains the required position and heading

Optional functionality

  • Follow Target mode: Enables the vessel to automatically follow a moving target
  • Autopilot mode: Enables the vessel to steer automatically on a predefined course
  • Track Line mode: Makes the vessel follow a specified track line. This mode is designed for marine operations and is not intended for navigation purposes

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