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Launch and Recovery System for AUV and ROV


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Electric LARS for WROV

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Evotec Launch and Recovery System (E-LARS) is designed to handle work ROVs with or without TMS - (Tether Management System)  to depths below 4000 m. The system is designed in close cooperation with end users, umbilical manufacturers and ship designers.

Personnel safety, gently handling of umbilical and ROV and easy maintenance form the basis for the complete design of both the advanced control system and the mechanical design of the Launch and Recovery System. This is to ensure the best uptime for the complete ROV system.

Electric Umbilical winch

The umbilical winch is equipped with two frequency controlled permanent magnet high torque motors, or standard induction motors, depending on customers’ preferences. Two fail safe disc brakes are mounted on the drum for brake redundancy and the large sheave D:d ratio on the spooling device ensures correct spooling and best life time for the umbilical.


The A-frame is equipped with two pivot points to achieve a good outreach and at the same time have as low unguided lifting height as possible. This good manoeuverability enables the A-frame to operate 5,2 m packages in hangars with only 8,0 m hangar heights. The A-frame design also makes it possible to close the lower hangar port during operations if needed.

E-LARS specifications

Umbilical winch

20 / 12 t (inner/outer layer)
Drum capacity
4500 m (Ø 40,5 mm)


20 / 12 t (deployed load / docking head lock)
Maximum package height
5,2 m (8,0 m hangar height)


DNV standard for certification No. 2.22 - Lifting appliances
Maximum power consumption
Approx. 650 kW

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