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Marine electronic logbooks

K-Fleet Logbook

K-Fleet logbook

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Say good-bye to paper logbooks, and retrieve data automatically. Accurate and simple. Electronic record books improve the quality whilst removing the manual burden.

Software system making logbook entries quick and easy. Meeting requirements of IMO, Marpol, SOLAS and several flag states for replacing many of the traditional paper logbooks.

Easy to use

The K-Fleet Logbook application is a designed to simplify logbook entries.

The software system simplifies data capture, improves data quality and provide more efficient information exchange.

High degree of recognition with traditional paper logbooks:

  • Deck logbook
  • Engine Logbook
  • Oil Record Book P1
  • Garbage logbook Part 1 & 2
  • Radio Logbook
  • DP logbook
  • Operational logbook
  • Official logbook and more

Daily reporting tasks become less time consuming, reducing workload for officers to focus on operational tasks.

Great flexibility

K-Fleet Logbook is part of the K-Fleet software system. The modular approach ensures that system solutions can be tailored to the requirements of each particular vessel type. A user friendly interface make it quick and easy to use for the operator.

Sailing "Paperless" requires flag state acceptance for electronic system. KM Electronic Logbook is accepted by major flag states.

Sales, installation, commissioning and service support is provided by KONGSBERG's worldwide network.

Key features

  • Software system collects data from ship systems into one single data storage manually or automatically
  • Supports event based recording of data related to navigation, engine, garbage handling, port calls and other operational activities
  • Supports data exchange for events that shall be recorded in multiple logbooks
  • Auto Values reads Tags and values automatically from an external source making the daily reporting tasks less time consuming
  • Easy access to previous recorded events of same type
  • The customer can define rules for proposed events, for reminding the operator of required log entrys
  • Configurable drop down menus and adjustable default values for each input field
  • Periodical and emergency backup of data
  • Security features like user identification, password protection, traceability of entries, and database encryption.


  • Easy transfer from traditional paper logbooks
  • Compliant with IMO, MARPOL, SOLAS, and Flag States.
  • Tailored to any vessel type, and any operation
  • Secure documentation available on-shore
  • Integrated with K-Fleet Voyage Environmentally conscious

Technical information

  • K-Fleet Logbook can be used as a stand-alone application or as part of Kongsberg Fleet Management software suite.
  • K-Fleet Logbook runs on Windows platform (Vista or newer). The system uses a SQL database such as MS SQL server or Firebird.

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