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Multibeam echosounder, Maximum depth 7000 m

EM 302

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Multibeam echosounder data examples

Our EM 302 multibeam echo sounder is designed to map almost all of the ocean floors excepting the deep trenches with an unsurpassed resolution and accuracy.

The system is cost effective, reliable, and easy to operate. It is the better system in comparison to full ocean depth multibeam echo sounders such as the EM 122 when most mapping is done at depths less than 2-3000 m, and on smaller vessels where it would be impracticable to install the transducers of a full ocean depth system.

It replaces the highly regarded EM 300 introduced in 1996, of which more than 20 systems are operational. It has the same transducer dimensions as in the EM 300, but with new electronics and software.

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