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Auxiliary control system, K-Chief 600

A large variety of processes

Auxiliary control system - fuel oil process diagram
Fuel oil process diagram. View larger image - Daylight colours.
View larger image - Dusk colours.
Compressed air system process diagram
Compressed air system process diagram. View larger image.
Lube oil process diagram
Lube oil process diagram. View larger image.

The auxiliary control system is an integral part of the K-Chief 600 marine automation system. A large variety of processes can be controlled. Control is done using Distributed Processing Units. Operator interaction is done through interactive colour graphic pictures on the Remote Operating Stations, or locally from the Local Operating Stations.

Auxiliary control system benefits

  • Pump control including stand-by start
  • Valve control
  • PID controllers
  • Compressor control
  • Purifier control
  • Boiler control
  • Heeling control
  • Sequential start/stop
  • Restart sequence after black-out
  • Flexible graphic PLC editor

Application areas

  • Lubrication oil systems
  • Sea water system
  • Fuel oil system
  • Cooling systems
  • Steam system
  • Purifier plant
  • Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Process data from the auxiliary control system is presented as colour graphic information on the Remote Operating Stations.

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