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Process control systems, K-Pro

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A reliable solution

Process control system

Our K-Pro process automation system aim to provide reliable solutions for optimal production and operation of the controlled process. It provides powerful tools for engineering the optimum solution required by process control systems and operational training on a dynamic simulator.

Product development

Continuous efforts and vast resources are spent on product development. Experience from a large range of automation categories throughout the last 20 years has taught us what customers expects with regard to system specification and delivery.

Advanced control strategies

Our scalable process automation system is pre-programmed with advanced control strategies for optimised production volume and production consistency. This gives optimal return on investment. Open interfacing enables the benefits of using other suppliers equipment for special solutions whilst still giving the operators and management a uniform user interface.

Integrated Automation System

Our policy of common technology for both hardware and software has been the basis for being a successful supplier of total control systems to the oil and gas market. Vessel control, process control, utility system control, thruster control and safety systems may all be integrated into a single system. Dynamic Positioning Systems and Information Management Systems also fit into Integrated Automation System solutions.

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