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Åsgard field development

Åsgard field development - Push to view larger image

Åsgard embraces three discoveries on the Halten Bank - one pure gas reservoir and two containing both oil and gas. Total recoverable reserves are put at 186 billion cubic metres of gas and 125 million cubic metres of oil.

The field accordingly ranks as one of Norway’s offshore giants in terms of reserves, investment and technological challenges.

The total field will be operated by Statoil with one floating production unit (FPSO) for oil production and one semi-submersible floating production platform for gas treatment and transportation.

We were among the first suppliers to be selected for this project. The contract covers a frame agreement for both installations and includes the complete integrated automation system for the total field.

Adopting the best environmental technology

System configuration drawing - Click to view larger image

Another aim on Åsgard is to achieve the lowest emissions per unit produced on the Norwegian continental shelf. Environmental accounting provides the tool for selecting appropriate technical solutions.

By identifying the environmental cost of alternative technologies, it is possible to pick optimal solutions that also provide the best possible protection for the environment.

Why total integration

  • Optimal plant design
  • Optimal plant utilisation
  • Simplified system interfaces
  • Cost effective installation and operation

What is total integration

  • Position mooring and dynamic positioning
  • Vessel control and thruster control
  • Positioning reference systems
  • Process Automation for oil &gas processes
  • Process Automation for power management, subsea, fiscal metering & utility systems
  • Safety systems for ESD, F&G, PSD and F&G detectors
  • Turbo machinery control including vibration monitoring, anti-surge control and fuel control
  • Training Simulator Dynamic Engineering Simulation

Combining these applications into one system delivery means cost reductions both during the project and operational phases. The reduced cost during project implementation and the yearly cost reductions in operation will significantly reduce the total field life cycle cost.

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