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Naval Ships CCTV Systems

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Helicopter Operations Surveillance System (HOSS)

Kongsberg Maritime are leaders in the design, manufacture, testing and supply of harsh environment CCTV imaging systems to many Navies, Special Forces and Security Specialists around the world. These fleet fit or special application systems can be tailored and qualified to specific customer requirements.

The available systems are typically low light capable, integrated CCTV surveillance systems for day & night surveillance, monitoring, navigation and tactical purposes and comply with stringent military level specifications for shock, vibration, EMI, temperature and humidity.

In addition to topside monitoring such as: Flight / Heli Deck, Well Deck Hangar Bay, Engine Room & Machinery Space and Waterline Security, Kongsberg Maritime Underwater Cameras can also be utilised for Subsea Security and Critical Observations. These cameras can also be modified on request to meet specific customer criteria.

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