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AIS network infrastructure - shorebased

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An AIS network provides authorities with valuable information on routes, cargo and the ships themselves. It is a major task for police, customs, military, Search & Rescue Centers and coastal and harbour authorities to monitor traffic in their territorial waters. AIS increases the situational awareness, the efficiency, the safety and decrease the workload for those authorities tasked with monitoring and controlling coastal and offshore waterways.

Illustration indicating AIS communication in an AIS network infrastructure

KONGSBERG provides a complete AIS Infrastructure solution, including AIS Base Stations with accessories on the Physical Shore Stations and Control Center software in order to remotely operate and maintain a network of AIS Base Stations. Kongsberg has a proven record of supplying AIS infrastructure solutions, Space based AIS payloads, GPS reference networks and EGNOS monitoring systems and has the competence and experience needed to undertake AIS projects of all types. Kongsberg Seatex is an active member of IEC, ITU and IALA, and the design of the solution is based upon IALA A-124 and other relevant international standards and recommendations.

AIS Infrastructure products

  • AIS Base Stations
  • AIS Central Monitor
  • AIS Satellite Payload

AIS Physical Shore Stations

A Physical Shore Station - PSS is the physical site where the AIS data transmitted from the ships are received. The main component of an PSS is the AIS Base Station.

AIS Service Management

The AIS network is controlled and managed by the AIS Central Monitor application.

AIS design principles

The design and development of our AIS product line is based on IALA and other relevant standards and recommendations.

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