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EM 712 Multibeam echosounder, Max. 3600 m

EM712 screen shot

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The EM 712 multibeam echo sounder is Kongsberg Maritime's second generation high to very high resolution seabed mapping system capable of meeting all relevant survey standards.

Delivering highly accurate results through superior range and resolution, the EM 712 is the most advanced multibeam echo sounder for shallow-medium waters. It supersedes the EM 710, which is well established as the de facto standard for all shallow to medium depth surveys.

EM 712 system configuration can be tailored to the user's requirement, allowing for choice of beam widths as well as transmission modes. The minimum survey depth is from less than 3 meters below the transducers, and the maximum depth is an unmatched 3600 meters. Across track coverage (swath width) is now more than 3500 meters. This is almost double the range performance of the EM 710.

Further key advances made for the EM 712 include low-noise receiver transducers and electronics in addition to a smaller, lighter form factor, enabling for more flexible installation on a wider variety of vessels.

EM 712 multibeam echo sounder versions

There are three basic versions of the EM 712 multibeam echo sounder each with different range performances as follows:

  • EM 712 - Full performance version
  • EM 712 S - CW pulse forms only
  • EM 712 RD - Short CW pulse only
Ping rate as a function of depth

Survey speed

So at 100 m depth, with full swath width ± 70 degrees the system has 2 pings per second, or 4 sounding profiles. The maximum survey speed while maintaining 100 % bottom coverage is then 3.4 m/sec or 6.8 knots. By reducing the swath width to ± 55 degrees, the ping rate is increased to 3.4 and the survey speed can then be raised to 11.5 knots. Each sounding profile consists of 400 soundings.

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