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Modular and scalable sensor carrier



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The K-Lander seabed observatory is the core of the KONGSBERG Modular Subsea Monitoring-Network (MSM). With a unique building block concept, the K-Lander mk2 can be customised for a variety of long-term deployments. The modular design, coupled with a self-floating buoyancy based recovery system, allows for easy integration and recovery of various sensors suited for diverse subsea monitoring applications.

Long term on-site deployment

K-Lander 30
K-Lander 30 with trawl-resistant panelling and rope recovery module for monitoring applications in shallow water

Electric power to the sensors is provided by integral battery packs, allowing long term on-site deployment with minimal intervention. Intelligent algorithms within the built-in Data Processing Unit (DPU / Mastermind) enable integration of data from multiple sensor sources.

The incoming data is stored and processed within the DPU to create a comprehensive environmental model, as opposed to plain event logging. Alerts or a whole dataset can be communicated to the surface based on defined user specified trigger events.

Communication between the hub of the MSM (K-Lander), other subsea nodes and the surface (via HiPAP or µPAP transducers) is handled by the field-proven KM cNODE technology and the proprietary Cymbal acoustic protocol.

K-Lander mk2 1S2H
K-Lander mk2 scales to the specified monitoring mission. 1s2h configuration shown.

Key features

  • Flexible sensor carrier
  • Long deployment time
  •  Integrated power supply and data processing
  • Easy operation and recovery

K-Lander Application Example – Environmental Monitoring

K-Lander in the water
Photo showing K-Lander used for Environmental Monitoring.

Kongsberg Maritime Subsea Monitoring has been contracted to deliver two K-Lander systems for an environmental and climate monitoring project to the UiT - University in Tromsø, Norway.

The trawl-proof sensor carrier platform will be a central component of the CAGE (Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate) seafloor observatory. The K-Lander combines new developments from Kongsberg Maritime Embient with already existing components from Kongsberg Maritime:

  • K-Lander design and component integration by Kongsberg Maritime Embient
  • cNODE systems from Underwater Navigation for positioning and communication
  • M3 Sonar from Kongsberg Mesotech for hydro-acoustic gas or leakage detection
  • C02, CH4 measurements from Kongsberg Maritime Contros GmbH

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