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Propulsion control system, AutoChief 600

AutoChief 600

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The AutoChief 600 propulsion control system is a complete control and safety systems suitable for all 2 and 4 stroke engines, both fixed and controllable pitch propellers.

The system is available for single and dual propulsion lines. It features a modular design, and can easily be configured for various propulsion configurations. The AutoChief® features the same distributed and fully redundant architecture as our machinery automation systems, with no additional emergency telegraph system required.

Key features

The main components of the AutoChief®600 are:

  • Touch screen Control Panel
  • Engine Telegraph Unit
  • Engine Safety System
  • Digital Governor System
  • Manoeuvring Recorder
  • Distributed Processing Units

Few moving parts ensure that little maintenance is required. Modular design makes it easy to meet individual customer's requirements.


The new AutoChief®600 is based on knowledge gained through more than 45 years of working with the main engine manufacturers. The technology used builds on the highly successful DataChief® C20 / K-Chief 600 marine automation system.

Back in 1967 we developed the AutoChief I, the first remote control system for low speed propulsion plants. By 2013 more than 8,000 remote control systems have been delivered to vessels all over the world, including approximately 4,300 AutoChief®C20. AutoChief® has become a trademark for safe and efficient propulsion control.

Remote control system

AutoChief 600

AutoChief®600 uses reliable, ruggedized single board Distributed Processing Units, which can be positioned where it is most convenient, considerably reducing cabling cost. The use of distributed processing units and a dual, redundant CAN field bus ensure reliable operation and bumpless control transfer. The system is event-based to allow immediate transfer of data. A powerful configuration tool allows quick and accurate adaptation to various engines, so no software customizing is required. AutoChief®600 is suitable for 2 stroke engines, delivered by MAN B&W and Wartsila, for both fixed and controllable pitch propeller. Also suitable for refit of old Remote Control Systems, and customer configured medium speed.

reddot design award: 2012

The LTU 2011 part of the AutoChief® 600 is the control lever for a ship’s propulsion system on the bridge. To stand out amidst the visual noise of the bridge environment, the design is focused on clarity and simplicity. Three levels of interaction are initiated with the lever and highlighted by colour-coded indicators. On a touch-sensitive display different modes of operation are selected, and side indicators convey the current position of the lever.

Statement by the jury

»The purposefully reduced design of the LTU 2011 was convincing to the jury, as was its high quality, which makes it possible to meet diverse demands in a variety of situations. «

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