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Loading Computer system - K-Load

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K-Load Load Computer system

Kongsberg Maritime and Consultas have joined forces to enhance their range of products and system solutions, with particular emphasis on the loading computer systems.

With K-Load KONGSBERG takes loading computers a step further. It utilises a 3-D model of the vessels’ hydrostatic – a full geometric definition of the vessels – as the basis for the calculation of loading conditions, floating position and stability, and longitudinal strength. This creates a precise description of the actual loading conditions, dispensing with the need to rely on pre-computed tables, simplifications or assumptions. The result is exactly what you have – no dead freight or overload. By utilising the full geometrical definition of the vessel as the basis for the computation, additional applications have been developed to improve the load planning and condition handling. These include applications relating to water ballast distribution, water ballast exchange, damage stability and other factors.

The modular loading computer software consists of a wide range of function modules which can be assembled together with great flexibility. The modularity yields a Loading Computer solution tailored to the needs and requirements of each particular vessel type. K-Load is mainly intended for merchant marine, LNG, FPSO and light offshore vessels.

The K-Load solution is type approved by DNV and Lloyd’s Register, ensuring the inherent high quality of the product and the calculated results it delivers. Other classification societies are also available.

Key features

K-Load's main features are as follows:

  • Calculation of dead weight and displacement
  • Calculation and monitoring of floating position
  • Calculation and monitoring of intact stability
  • Calculation and monitoring of longitudinal and local strength
  • Calculation of damage stability
  • Extensive cargo calculations for oil and gas
  • Extensive reporting functionality
  • Online interfaces to tank level gauging systems and other ship systems
  • Planning while the online condition is running continuously in the background
  • All calculations are carried out on the basis of a 3D geometric model of the hull and its inner structure
  • Office solutions providing the possibility to easily switch between the various ships, exchange loading conditions with individual ships and to reproduce the onboard loading conditions exactly and vice versa

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