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Turbine control

PA Turbine control

Turbines and associated machinery form a vital part of the process. The control system must be highly reliable to achieve low down-time. The TurboMachinery control system focuses on assisting the operator to keep the turbines in operation.

Measures to reduce exhaust emission to the atmosphere

Power-generation turbines are a major source of air pollution. Among the environment damaging gases emitted by these units are nitrogen oxides (NOx), which disperse across large areas.

Using the Åsgard field as an example, energy-efficient solutions are being adopted to reduce pollution. Installing heat recovery units on turbine exhausts will boost energy efficiency by 33 to 50 percent and substantially reduce emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other hazardous substances.

All turbines also feature low nitrogen oxide burners, helping to cut emissions of these gases by 80 to 90 percent when compared with traditional units. Our process automation solution is a vital part of these measures.

Proven control functions for

  • Start/stop sequence control
  • General sequence control between operational modes
  • Anti-Ice
  • Lube oil & seal oil
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Interlocks and equipment protection
  • Turbine safety

Customer benefits

  • Operator assistance for optimal control
  • Trouble-shooting assistance
  • Optimal HMI for sequence presentation

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