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Marine Fleet Management Software





KONGSBERG have delivered Fleet Management solutions to the maritime industry for more than 30 years. K-Fleet offers a wide variety of solutions to optimize and assist users’ working processes within planned maintenance, inventory management, procurement, QSE, documentation, forms, certificates, voyage reporting and fleet operations.

Key features

K-Fleet gives the user easy access to complete vessel administration and operation with a customizable view based on the modules installed. K-Fleet supports:

  • All fleet sizes
  • Easy access to the most important data and applications
  • Notifications from different modules
  • Fleet map
  • KPI's
  • EU-MRV
  • Centralised and decentralised management
  • Two-ways flow of data
  • Modern and user friendly applications
  • Centrally role based user administration
  • Easy installation
  • Easy upgrade, full backward compatibility

The software comes with a dashboard functionality containing system information, user administration and setup.

K-Fleet customers

Monitoring, Reporting and Verification - MRV application meets new European environmental regulations

  • New K-Fleet MRV application for Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Monitoring, Reporting and Verification enables shipping companies to comply with EU-regulation 2015/757
  • This vital new solution is ready for installation before the August 2017 deadline

Overview & access

Enjoy the overview and easy access to complete vessel operations, with minimum administration.

We offer a wide variety of solutions to assist users' working processes within planned maintenance, inventory management, procurement, QSE, documentation, forms, certificates, voyage reporting and fleet operations.

K-Fleet Performance

K-Fleet Performance provides powerful insights and proof driven optimisation of vessel efficiency, delivering both financial and environmental benefits, with focus on enabling low fuel consumption and emissions. It is an innovative performance monitoring system with automatic and accurate data collection for detailed analysis including a sophisticated solution for finding optimum trim. The system features flexible data import and export and a straightforward ‘traffic light' visual system for representing levels of performance.

K-Fleet Voyage

K-Fleet Voyage / MRV module delivers accurate voyage reporting, with focus on emissions and high accuracy reports. Automatic and accurate data collection ensures quality of data. It features an intuitive user interface and daily data transfer to main office, and can be integrated with the K-Fleet Logbook application.

K-Fleet Experience

K-Fleet Experience enables easier collaboration, sharing and task management by providing a structured email system and the convenience of well-functioning information and task-flows. The system is designed for use in i.e. risk assessment, audit follow-up, document control and vessel management systems.

K-Fleet Logbook

K-Fleet Logbook is based on KONGSBERG's innovative and proven electronic logbook technology. It retrieves data automatically, helping to improve quality whilst removing the manual burden, and complies with IMO, MARPOL, SOLAS and Flag State rules. It enables easy transfer from traditional paper logbooks and can be tailored to any vessel type and operation. K-Fleet Logbook can be integrated with K-Fleet Voyage.

K-Fleet Maintenance

K-Fleet Maintenance provides full control and documentation for vessel and fleet maintenance jobs. It features updated overviews on board and ashore, straightforward workload distribution and powerful reporting. It can be combined with K-Fleet Purchase, allowing for closer integration with the financial aspects of tools and spare parts.

K-Fleet Purchase

K-Fleet Purchase ensures the availability of spare parts on board and enables cost efficiency and operational robustness by being constantly updated. It offers one of the easiest purchasing processes available and features an overview of all vessel inventories and full order history with search and copy facilities. It also provides digital supplier catalogues, spare part management and formalised purchasing routines.

K-Fleet Budget

K-Fleet Budget is designed to simplify and streamline budgeting and expense control. Acting as a two-way budget tool between vessel and office it offers sub-calculations, with comments for each account in addition to budget status reports. It is a powerful filtering and multi-format reporting tool that can integrate with K-Fleet Purchase for full expense control.

K-Fleet Provision

K-Fleet Provision enables managers to provide the right consumables to their vessels at the right price. It features a large database of food products and a slop chest module, with easy ordering and stock control in addition to cost reporting. The system can also be integrated with K-Fleet Purchase.