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Marine data management - MDM 500 tools


The design philosophy for the MDM 500 Marine data management system is to use standard high-end PCs both for the MDM 500 main server, spare server and MDM 500 client machines. The MDM 500 applications run on any PC under Windows. The MDM 500 spare server will under normal conditions operate as a client machine but may take over the server role within 10 minutes should the server machine fail.

Uninterruptible power supply

All data equipment belonging to the MDM 500 system, including the Hubs should be connected to a uninterruptible power supply.


The hardware can be upgraded with parts approved by Kongsberg Maritime without changing any MDM 500 software. New sensors/instruments are installed by installing a new driver, and configuration is done from the MDM 500 server.


The software is developed by using standard programming tools. This makes it easy to change components without having to update the entire system.

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