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Asset integrity and repair

Asset integrity and repair

KONGSBERG is an independent provider of asset integrity assurance solutions. Our expertise is dedicated to developing and offering integrity assurance solutions for risers, umbilicals and wellhead systems in particular.

We understand the physical structures to which asset integrity is applied and have considerable structural analysis and integrity expertise. Similarly, we are an industry leader in our knowledge of top-tensioned risers, flexible risers, umbilicals and wellheads from all engineering perspectives.

IMR for flexible risers to ensure integrity

For almost two decades we have performed in-situ inspections and assessments for major oil companies, focusing on flexible riser integrity. We have developed tailor-made tools to support these services using our engineering expertise.

Furthermore, we provide dissection and failure investigations for flexible risers and spools. These investigations are conducted by specialists with extensive riser design and operational history knowledge.

Selected examples of IMR services for Flexible Risers

  • Risk assessments of risers in operation
  • Status assessments of flexible risers
  • Annual periodic riser condition status reports
  • Establishment of inspection programs
  • Re-certification of flexible risers, flowlines and umbilicals
  • Dissection and failure investigations of flexible risers

Wellhead Integrity Monitoring

Loads on the wellhead structure during drilling causes fatigue damage to the well's conductors and casings. Such risk must be managed to avoid the tremendous consequences of such an event.

During well design analysis uncertainties related to environmental conditions, vessel response, tension settings, mud weight etc. must be considered in the global riser analysis. These uncertainties frequently lead to unnecessary conservatism in fatigue calculations.

In order to accommodate these and obtain the best possible information about the actual behaviour of the wellhead during drilling operations, a Wellhead Integrity Monitoring system can be installed. Typically such a system comprises motion sensors and/or strain sensors fitted to the BOP stack.

The onboard wellhead fatigue monitoring system has a local database. This can be regularly synchronised with a central onshore database to maintain a record of the fatigue accumulation data for a number of different wells. Through this, the operator will have optimal control of the wells' integrity with respect to wellhead fatigue issues.

KONGSBERG offers in depth analysis expertise and a variety of options use to tailor the Wellhead Integrity Monitoring to your needs.

Instrumented Wellhead Load Relief System (WLR)

KONGSBERG in partnership with SubseaDesign offer field proven systems for wellhead load relief (WLR) integrated with instrumentation systems for wellhead integrity and fatigue monitoring. Built on world leading technology and competence, KONGSBERG offers a range of options for Wellhead Integrity Systems, now including WLR systems together with SubseaDesign. KONGSBERG has a long record of accomplishments from installation and operation of instrumentation systems in various subsea applications. For drilling vessels already equipped with other KONGSBERG solutions, utilizing existing infrastructure will ease and facilitate the installation of a Wellhead Load Relief and Integrity Monitoring system.

Annulus testing and Annulus Vent Monitoring System

Offshore testing of flexible risers has become accepted in the industry as a key element in condition and integrity monitoring of flexible pipes. Some of the most common failure modes may be detected at an earlier stage and preventive action taken to avoid propagating failure.

The general objective of annulus testing is to identify possible liquid in the riser annulus. Monitoring the annulus is important since liquid and gas contamination of the annulus can reduce the riser's fatigue life considerably. The monitoring can also reveal riser damage.

We can also provide Annulus Vent Monitoring Systems (AVMS) and a range of solutions from the very basic to more complex instrumentation to detect changes annulus volume and gas vent conditions.