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Tools and methods


Tools are used in all phases of a project – specification, design, configuration, information management, systems verification and operation.

Simulation tools

Dynamic simulation is used to verify the control system functionality and the process as a whole. The resulting dynamic simulator may be further used in the operational phase.

Customer benefits

  • Verification of control system
  • Verification of control strategies
  • Safety and operability studies
  • Start-up and shut-down analysis
  • Dynamic optimisation and pre-tuning
  • Training
  • Early fault detection
  • Procedure handling

Engineering tools

A number of tools are available for automatic configuration generation. These tools use available data from the engineering database and/or instrument databases to determine the control system configuration. This is used and updated during operation, and acts as an updated control system logic database.

Customer benefits

  • Converting data from existing databases into control system logic
  • Storing control system configuration
  • Automatic transfer to the control system
  • Keeping track of revisions and changes
  • Manual insertion and updating of data
  • Documentation of the control logic
  • Generation of cross-connection lists
  • Commissioning and test lists

Safety system tool

The safety tool is a versatile tool for design, configuration and documentation. It can be used as a stand-alone tool for implementation of Fire Protection Data Sheets (FPDS) or Cause and Effect (C&E) diagrams. Relevant data entered into the safety tool are automatically transferred to the Safety System. This reduces the configuration time and minimises manual errors.

Customer benefits

  • Generation of C&E and FPDS
  • Automatic documentation
  • Extended report functionality
  • Standard Microsoft Access® functionality
  • Automatic transfer to the safety system
  • Effective link from causes to effects
  • Copy functionality
  • Keeping track of revisions and changes

Operation information tool

This concerns delivery documents and product-specific documents. Traditionally, written documents are the only sources of specific information and these require a considerable management effort Kongsberg Maritime is prepared for publication of all information about your delivery on the Internet or Intranet. The correct, updated information will then be available at your fingertips will help prevent human errors.

Customer benefits

  • Build structure with “bookmark” functions
  • Logical & functional document relations
  • Direct feedback from user to supplier
  • Easy to use, simplifies daily routines
  • Eliminates "version handling" problems
  • Immediately updated upon changes

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