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Side Scan Sonar and Sub Bottom Profiler combined

DeepTow 2000

DeepTow 2000
The DeepTow 2000 can include any combination of dual frequency side scan sonar, chirp profiler, magnetometer, towfish tracking and towfish pitch, roll, heading and depth sensors.

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Kongsberg GeoAcoustics Deep Tow 2000 combined Side Scan Sonar and Sub Bottom Profiler provides a flexible suite of seabed survey tools to suit all deep water survey requirements.

The modular system can include any combination of data from a dual frequency side scan sonar, chirp profiler, magnetometer, towfish tracking and towfish pitch, roll, heading and depth sensors. All components are rated to a working depth of 2000 metres and is integrated into a single easy to deploy, rugged towfish. At the heart of the system is the Telemetry Interface Unit, which allows power, signal, and control for all towfish systems to be multiplexed down a single co-axial tow cable up to a length of 10 km.

Key features

  • 2000 m depth rating
  • Reliable operation over 10 km coax cable using telemetry
  • Side Scan Sonar, Sub-Bottom Profiler and Magnetometer data from a single towfish

System Components

Telemetry System

The Deep Tow 2000 Telemetry System allows operation of the system over a single co-axial cable. At the surface the Telemetry Interface Unit (Model TL2001) provides power and trigger signals to the towfish sub-systems and de-multiplexes the sensor data. On the towfish the Telemetry Subsea Unit (Model TL2002) provides power and a trigger source for the subsea systems as well as multiplexing data and transmitting it to the surface. The system works over a 10 km long by 14 mm diameter cable with high tolerance of cable leakage, which makes it work reliably and helps to keep its through-life-costs to a minimum.


The Model 136SS fish allows for stable, noise-free towing in high seas and at speeds up to 12 knots.
The rugged body and fibreglass cowling, provides protection of the integrated systems and will stand up to the punishment encountered in harsh conditions.

Towfish attitude package

The integrated system provides high accurate values of towfish heading, pitch, roll and depth.

Side Scan Sonar

The proven GeoAcoustics Dual Frequency system is the ideal tool for seabed feature mapping. The operating frequency can be switched between 110 to 410kHz. It offers high quality results in and easy to use reliable package.

GeoChirp II

The GeoAcoustics GeoChirp II sub-bottom profiler uses frequency modulated signals and signal compression and digital signal processing (DSP) techniques to achieve deep sub-surface penetration while maintaining high resolution. Source signals can be selected, depending on the survey task from a bandwidth of 1.5 to 13 kHz including pinger waveforms.


The Deep Tow 2000 system interfaces to a range of customary magnetometers.

Towfish tracking

An ultra-short baseline (USBL) responder can be fitted to the towfish, with power and the trigger signal to the responder being provided by the Telemetry Subsea Unit. It has a range of up to 8000 m.

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