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Single beam echo sounder transducers

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The transducer is the subsea element of the echo sounder. Our echo sounder transducers are characterised by high quality, precision and accuracy. The frequencies cover from extreme shallow water to full ocean depth.

Range of echo sounder transducers

We offer a complete range of echo sounder transducers. It covers the complete spectrum of possibilities from high power deep ranging echo sounder transducers to very high frequency fine detail transducers.

Perfect match

We will make sure the transducer is matched to the echo sounder, and we will provide guidance for correct transducer installation to give optimum results.

Transducer Frequency
Beam width
length (m)
Weight (Kg)
12-16/601216 x 162085
18-111811x 112085
38-7387 x 72045
38-9389 x 92020
50-185018 x 18205,5
50-7507 x 72018
120-2512010 x 10257
200kHz Side scan2000.5x49208
200-28E2007 x 7257
38/200 Combi D38/20013x21/7x7158
50/200 Combi D50/20010x16/7x7158
500kHz Side scan5000.3x60153.4

* - Portable use with 1" threaded stud

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