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Remus AUVs for Defense Applications

Hydroid, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer of unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs). Founded in 2001 to develop and commercialize the groundbreaking REMUS (MK18 and LBS) vehicle – originally designed at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI), one of the leading names in ocean science. Hydroid has since grown into the world’s largest and most trusted provider of UUVs.

Hydroid has transformed the technology behind the original REMUS design into a line of UUVs that is trusted worldwide for its reliability, performance and data. Hydroid’s state-of-the-art facilities in Massachusetts produce a range of vehicle systems that can meet the demands of virtually any marine environment, and our REMUS 100 was the first combat deployed UUV in history. Hydroid is proud to have over 10 years of experience providing the United States Navy and its allies with the most combat-proven UUV in the world.

Since being acquired by Kongsberg Maritime in 2008, Hydroid has been able to deepen its commitment to providing its customers with the most effective and efficient UUVs by incorporating advanced commercially proven technology into its REMUS line of vehicles. Today, REMUS and Hydroid are synonymous with excellence in UUVs, incorporating the most advanced subsea technology into American-made vehicles that can be trusted with any mission in any part of the world.

Primary Applications

  • Mine Countermeasure
    Expeditionary Mine Countermeasure: REMUS vehicles require few logistics and are highly reliable. Certified for travel on any vehicle, ship or aircraft, the REMUS 100 specifically has been the choice for expeditionary warfare forces conducting very shallow water mine countermeasures, harbor clearance and hunting for high value objects in the most remote and contested lakes and rivers in the world.
    Organic Mine Countermeasure: REMUS vehicles provide large area coverage on a single mission. They allow for rapid system integration onto vessels of opportunity and mine counter measure vessels for the clearance of mine threat and mine danger areas.
  • Hydrographic
    Low Visible Hydrographic Survey: Clandestine insertion, survey and extraction has been the main driver for the REMUS vehicle selection by U.S. Navy Special Warfare and Explosive Ordinance Disposal forces Other applications include route survey and the ability to gather environmental assessment data and perform MCM operations using a single system.
  • Search
    Area Search: Our UUVs have been operated by Navies around the world to conduct search and salvage operations. The vehicles are highly transportable allowing them to be quickly mobilized and operated by a small team. Precise navigation provides precise data to locate targets. This allows salvage ships to positioning themselves in a moor and divers to enter the water directly above the object they wish to recover.
  • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconaissance (ISR)
    Surveillance & Reconnaissance: REMUS UUVs have demonstrated their ability to deliver a wide variety of sensors to sensitive areas collecting data in every operational environment. Whether it is maintaining a station to dominate a specific location for long periods of time, or rapidly entering and delivering a sensor to its objective on target and on time, REMUS UUVs have proven their reliability and suitability for the most high risk missions.

Key Company Advantages

  • Proven performance as a prime contractor
  • ISO 9001:2008 certified, CMMI Level 3
  • World class customer support & training capability
  • State of the art manufacturing and testing capabilities

Key UUV Advantages

  • Modular construction for a variety of payloads
  • Low logistics systems. Rapidly deployable
  • Open architecture software. Interfaces allowing for higher level or custom autonomy
  • Variable depth capability ranging from shallow coastal waters to 6000 meters; operational in approximately 98% of the world’s ocean
  • Highly stable and quiet platform for the best sensor performance
  • Certified energy sections for safe and reliable transportation and storage
  • Minimal installation and calibration
  • Long endurance vehicles for greater area coverage or extended station time for surveillance
  • Multi-vehicle operations

R&D Efforts

We are focused on:

  • Uniquely equipping the vehicles to gather highest quality data in a wide range of ocean environments
  • Higher level autonomy, navigation and acoustic communications.
  • Lowering the platform’s signature (electrically, acoustically and magnetically) as well as selecting payload sensor frequencies and managing their synchronization
  • Increasing UUV area coverage rate and endurance
  • Increasing UUV systems interoperability with surface, subsurface and air platforms

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