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IALA DGNSS stations delivery for The Netherlands

The Netherlands

KONGSBERG has completed the delivery of the IALA DGNSS reference station infrastructure for the Netherlands in partnership with Teledyne RESON. As part of a contract with 'Rijkswaterstaat Verkeer en Watermanagement' (Department of Public Works and Water Management) awarded last year, Kongsberg Seatex and Teledyne RESON have replaced and extend the existing equipment, and will now provide on-going management and maintenance to ensure availability and compliance of the Dutch DGNSS for the next 5-10 years.

IALA DGNSS was introduced to support safety at sea through the provision of GNSS correction data, ensuring more accurate vessel positioning and service integrity. A flag state's IALA DGNSS network can be composed of one or more reference stations depending on the area to be covered. The Netherlands requires at least three reference stations to ensure coverage on territorial waters and inland waterways.

KONGSBERG has initially delivered three DGNSS Beacon stations with related monitoring stations, with the option to provide an additional station. The solution integrates proven Kongsberg Seatex technologies to deliver high accuracy and reliability, supporting the safety of navigation along the Dutch coastline and inland waterways. The core components of each of the three systems are: KONGSBERG DRS 500 DGNSS reference station, KONGSBERG MSK 500 modulator and KONGSBERG IMS 500 DGNSS monitor station.

The KONGSBERG DRS 500 is a complete fully redundant DGNSS reference station built into a 19-inch rack module for easy installation and maintenance. It features an all-in-view, 240-channel Global Navigation Satellite System – GNSS receiver – fully controlled by an integrated processor and software. Similarly, the KONGSBERG IMS 500 is a complete DGNSS integrity monitor station built into a 19-inch rack module for easy installation and maintenance. The system integrates with the DRS 500 reference stations and the KONGSBERG DGNSS Central Monitor Software by dial-up or permanent communication lines. It provides high flexibility for reception of DGNSS corrections by several high-speed communication lines for monitoring of multiple DGNSS stations and distribution systems.

“Whilst ensuring that flag states can meet the IALA DGPS requirements, our system is also vital for improving the safety of navigation, so equipment reliability and accuracy is very important. Our DGNSS infrastructure is already well proven with installations across the UK & Ireland, Norway, Belgium, Serbia and Malaysia, and we are pleased to add the Netherlands as the latest flag state to entrust Kongsberg Seatex with this very important infrastructure,” said Vidar Bjørkedal, VP Sales & Customer support, Kongsberg Seatex.