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Joystick control system


cJoy Joystick control system

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Our compact series of products include the joystick control system - cJoy specially developed to meet the positioning requirements of offshore service vessels and other vessels with similar requirements. The system offers advanced wind compensated joystick control with automatic heading control. DGPS based station keeping may be offered as an option.

cJoy joystick systems

cJoy - joystick system main control panel

cJoy is a joystick control system consisting of a joystick controller unit (cJoy controller) and an operator terminal for mounting into a console - the cJoy operator terminal. The terminal consists of a display, buttons and a computer built into a small cabinet allowing it to be fitted into existing consoles or mounted in areas where space is limited. The controller unit and the operator terminal communicate via a single network connection. The system provides interfaces to the thrusters and necessary sensors.

Operational modes of the joystick system

  • Joystick mode: Allows the operator to control the vessel manually using a joystick for position and heading control
  • Auto heading mode: Automatically maintains the required heading

Optional functionality

  • Station keeping mode: Automatically maintains the present position and heading
  • Autopilot mode: Enables the vessel to steer automatically on a predefined heading

Basic configuration

  • cJoy Operator Terminal with joystick, heading selector wheel and built-in TFT colour display
  • cJoy Controller equipped with one RCU510 controller with built-in I/O
  • Interface for gyrocompass, wind sensor and thrusters
  • Eight galvanic isolated analogue output channels (4 to 20 mA or ±10 VDC)
  • Eight digital input channels

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