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Underwater Search and Recovery

Underwater search and recovery

Kongsberg Mesotech's Underwater Search & Recovery (SAR) system is used world-wide by first responders and law enforcement agencies when searching for victims of drowning, submerged evidence and / or vehicles, as well as downed aircraft. The SAR system saves time, increases diver safety and provides digital records of the search and any findings. On-site or no cost factory training is provided with the purchase of each system.

SAR System Features

  • Scans a radius of approximately 120 feet (roughly 45,000 square feet) within minutes of deployment
  • Recovery operations are concluded more quickly and safely by directing divers using underwater communications
  • Used as a secondary search means to investigate targets of interest identified by other types of sonar
  • May be the primary acoustic means of searching in a confined area or under ice

SAR System Applications

Kongsberg Mesotech's Underwater Search & Recovery system has been successfully used in the following applications (click for example):

SAR under ice
Air pockets surveyed during a training exercise for locating targets that are directly under the surface of the ice. Image courtesy of Glenn Syme, Operator (Manitoba, Canada).
Two divers
Two divers surveyed during a training exercise for locating targets that are directly under the surface of the ice. Image courtesy of Glenn Syme, Operator (Manitoba, Canada).

SAR System Components

High Resolution MS1171 Single-Beam Scanning Sonar

  • Imaging sonar head designed to produce the highest possible images
  • Intended for applications where data clarity and diver safety are the main priorities

Link to Single-Beam Scanning Sonar page

Computer with MS1000 Processing Software

  • Used to control the sonar equipment and provides a real-time display of the sonar and sensor data
  • Enables the search team to set up and monitor grid searches, and mark locations of targets of interest
  • External sensor inputs from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) can also be fed into the software for real time data recording
  • Can record sonar data for later review

Link to MS1000 Processing Software page

Tripod Mount

  • Provides a stable and level platform for deployment of the sonar head

Power / Telemetry Interface and Cable Reel

  • Kevlar connecting cable that protects the power and telemetry conductors and reinforcement with 6,000 lbs breaking strength
  • Portable cable reel used to deploy, retrieve and store the connecting cable

Click to view: Search and Recovery Image and Video Gallery

Training and Support

Technical Training

Training is provided on site for up to 24 people (larger groups can be accommodated upon request). Refresher courses are also available.

Repair and Upgrade Services

Equipment repairs are available at Kongsberg Mesotech's manufacturing facility and strategically located affiliates. Upgrades and major rebuilds are completed at the manufacturing facility.

  • Manufacturing Facility
    Kongsberg Mesotech Ltd.
    Vancouver, Canada
  • Affiliate Locations
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Please call toll-free 1.888.464.1598 or email km.sales.vancouver@kongsberg.com for more information.

MS1000 Software Updates

MS1000 software updates are downloaded directly from the Kongsberg FTP site at ftp.kongsberg-mesotech.com. Please call +1 888 464 1598 or email km.sales.vancouver@kongsberg.com for download instructions.

Phone Support

Please call toll-free: +1 888 464 1598 for support, Monday to Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm PST.

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