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K-Safe product line

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The K-Safe concept

The K-Safe concept consists of a number of different safety modules, which have been designed for various applications and types of installations. The modules can be supplied as either stand-alone or integrated systems and are based on the same hardware and software platforms.

Main differences

The internal monitoring of computers, IO cards, RIO units and serial lines is identical for all K-Safe systems, the K-Safe function module library and the basic system software. The K-Safe product range varies with regards to the extent of redundancy and capability for field loop monitoring.

Power supplies

K-Safe systems are all delivered with oversized and redundant power supplies.


Integrated systems can communicate with other Kongsberg Maritime systems such as K-Chief 700 (Vessel Control), K-Thrust ( Thruster Control) and K-Pro (Process Control Systems) via a dual 10 Mb/s Ethernet LAN. The design principles give the K-Safe concept a high degree of flexibility and extensive possibilities for upgrading. In addition, the concept offers a number of options to adapt to various demands and safety requirements.

Building blocks

The K-Safe systems are based on a small number of common flexible hardware units, which form the building modules of the different system types. The same modules are also used as building blocks for integrated systems incorporating K-Chief 700, K-Thrust and K-Pro. The advanced Remote Input Output Unit includes extensive monitoring capabilities both of its own status and that of the complete loop.

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