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Hydrographic data processing software

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Multibeam echo sofunder sofftware - SIS

The Seafloor Information System, SIS, is a real time software designed to be the user interface and the realtime data processing system for hydrographic instruments produced by Kongsberg Maritime.

Marine data management system – MDM

MDM 500 is a Windows based system for storage and distribution of data from instruments normally found on board oceanographic research vessels.

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics software

Kongsberg GeoAcoustics offers a range of software solutions for seabed survey data:

  • GS4 software package provides a complete turnkey solution, including grid-based calibration, data acquisition with 1pps time stamping, data processing with a full audit trail and data display with fly-through capability.
    Link to GS4


Flexibility and versatility software. State-of-the-art specificaitons, with unmatched data-cleaning algorithms, performance and precision.


Functionality for multibeam processing supports datagrams from Kongsberg Maritime, CUBE (Combined Uncertainty and Bathymetric Estimator) is an error-model based, direct DTM generator that estimates the depth plus a confidence interval directly on each node point. Developed by University of New Hampshire.


HYPACK developed a Windows based software for the Hydrographic and dredging industry. Data collection and processing; single beam, multibeam, sidescan sonar etc.


QPS acquisition and data processing software

QPS provide acquisition and data processing software to work with bathymetry, backscatter and water column data. QINSy can be used on it’s own or with SIS to acquire accurate sonar information. Qimera is our new bathymetry processing package. It is the easiest to use yet most powerful bathymetry processing application. Qimera supervises a less experienced user through the stages of bathymetry processing by intelligently prompting the next necessary action. Qimera supports KONGSBERG's Extra Detections. To process backscatter data FMGT is used. This harnesses the Geocoder engine (developed at CCOM/UNH) with leading IT technology to provide rapid, seamless mosaics. FMMidwater processes water column data and includes the unique Feature Detection plug in which automatically extracts gas seeps from the water column data. All of the sonar data types can be brought together in our leading 4D visualization software, Fledermaus, to further analyze and publicize the results.

Caris multibeam processing software

Caris, Canada and Kongsberg Maritime have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate and deliver Caris HIPS / SIPS multibeam processing software to existing and potential KONGSBERG clients. Caris develop and maintain digital mapping systems through our specialized tools and services, project management, consultancy and advisory work.

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