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Marine data management system

MDM 500

Marine data management system

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Our marine data management system the MDM 500 is a Windows based system for storage and distribution of data from instruments normally found on board oceanographic research vessels.

Connected instruments may include

  • Navigation systems
  • Weather sensors
  • Sound propagation sensors
  • Hydrographic instruments

The MDM 500 collects data from connected instruments and sensors, and optionally stores them in a relational database. All instruments are connected directly to the MDM 500 via dedicated drivers.

Distribution using the marine data management system

Data may be distributed to other instruments or computers on board. An example is the exact time received from the GPS-system which is distributed to all PCs and all other instruments that need time data. Likewise, position data from the GPS are distributed to wherever they are needed.

Data logging facilities

The operator may select which instrument to log data from and at what sampling rate. All data from instruments without a logging facility are logged. From instruments with their own logging facility, only a very thinned data set is logged.

Cruise recorder

The MDM 500 Marine data management system will also work as a Cruise Recorder, collecting and storing predefined navigational and environmental data during the entire cruise.

Standard or customized reports

The MDM 500 provides a selection of either alphanumerical or graphical data for on-line display. Reports based on the data stored in the database can be generated, either as standard or customized reports via an ODBC protocol interface.

The MDM 500 Real-time logging system consists of several separate modules that may be distributed among several networked computers. The heart of the system is an MS SQL Server 2000 database where all data is logged and configuration data is stored.

MDM 500 modules

The real-time logging system consists of the following modules:

  • Agent Drivers - Receives data from a sensor or instrument
  • Agent Manager - Sends data from one or several Agent Drivers to the Server Manager
  • Server Manager - Logs and distributes data
  • Server Drivers - Decodes data from a sensor or instrument
  • MS SQL Server - Stores sensor data and configuration data
  • Display Drivers - Handles remote display of data
  • Display Manager - Controls one or several display drivers


The drivers are designed to receive and decode data from a specific instrument or a class of instruments. For instance the GPS driver is able to receive and decode data from most GPS systems, but the AquaShuttle driver will probably only work with that specific instrument. An exception to this is the generic driver. This driver can be configured by the end-user to log data from almost any instrument capable of outputting text or ASCII data.

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