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Sub Bottom Profiler, GeoPulse

The GeoPulse Sub-bottom Profiler is a tried and tested, industry standard sub-bottom profiling system for shallow geophysics.

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Kongsberg GeoAcoustics GeoPulse is the survey industry's industry standard Sub-Bottom Profiler system. Its proven success is due to its reliability, ruggedness, ease of operation and flexibility.

Sub-Seabed structures are delineated using reflexions from a selectable single frequency multi-cycle high power signal, which is transmitted from an over-the-side, towed or hull mounted platform. The signal is processed in the compact deck unit.

Key features

  • Selectable transmit frequency 2 to 12 kHz
  • Over-the-side, towed or hull mounted deployment
  • Reliable, proven, easy to use
  • Good penetration and resolution

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