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Statfjord A, B and C retrofit

Statfjord B rig

KONGSBERG was given the responsibility to retrofit the integrated process automation on all the Statfjord platforms.

Installing state of the art process automation systems replacing older systems gives the operator several advantages. Modern control systems are more accurate, they work faster and they have built-in control functions making it easier to optimise the process.

Today's systems use less space, weigh less and are more reliable than their predecessors. Simple and logical man-machine interface is also an important achievement.

To accomplish a retrofit installation both the customer and the system supplier must co-operate both in the planning and in the replacement period to ensure minimum disturbance.

Coping with just one main supplier will save the customer both money and time. KONGSBERG is such a supplier. With many years of experience in retrofit operations we will supply a retrofit installation without costly stops and unexpected disturbance.

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