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Seafloor Information System quality assurance


SIS QA allows the operator to easily improve the quality of the EM-data by using post-processing.

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Kongsberg Maritime SIS QA software (Seafloor Information System Quality Assurance) is used to analyse, verify and recreate depths from new sensor input, heave, roll, pitch, compass and sound speed profiles.

SIS QA cross lines. Hold mouse pointer over the image to view details.
SIS QA position processing
SIS QA allows the operator to recalculate depths and posisitons based on improved sensor data input.

QA is part of SIS; a real time software platform designed to be the user interface and the real-time data processing system for hydrographic instruments produced by Kongsberg Maritime. SIS is a logical and user friendly interface for the surveyor, providing the functionality needed for running a surveys efficiently. A major improvement over previous survey software is the built-in functionality for cleaning of bathymetric data.

With SIS QA, positions can also be recalculated, and TerraPos from TerraTec www.terratec.no can be used to do Precise Positioning Processing (PPP) on data logged by SIS from the Kongsberg Seapath system. SIS QA can also be used to find correct installation configuration.

SIS screenshot
SIS QA map view.

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