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Long-range position reference system

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The new solution is a microwave-based solution developed for DP applications in need for long-range relative positioning. With no moving parts and a compact and lightweight design, installation is quick and agile.

Long-range operation

Operating in the 9.2 - 9.3 GHz band, the the product operates in all-weather conditions, and has an unmatched performance in range and bearing accuracy. Each panel has an opening angle of 100° and a vertical lobe of 25°.

Multiple panels

It can be deployed as an omni directional system utilising several sensor panels, which can be placed on suitable locations on the vessel dependent on the construction and operation. This provides an extended operational area as well as avoidance of blind angles. Application software makes configuration and monitoring of the operation easy and effective, and interfaces to remote systems like Dynamic Position may be serial lines or Ethernet based. The solution is designed to fill the need specified by IMO for DP Class 2 vessels.

In-built system test and verification

Prior to a operation, the product performs a check and verification of the system to secure a safe and efficient operation.

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